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The Regis Group
By Nathan Mishler

 * The internet provides new opportunities that would have been impossible ten years ago. 
 * It is critical to have a plan, centered on interaction, that engages your clients through the internet

 * Everyone

Connecting with communities on the web can give you a wide range of benefits:
 * Community action –You can creatively engage individuals you will probably never meet to think through common solutions, while spreading your message.
 * Strengthen identity – Interaction with online communities will make you visible on the international level instantaneously.
 * You are not just talking AT a "faceless mass" of age, gender, regions
 * Existing communities of people have their own ways of thinking, acting, etc
 * Your plan should contain:
    -Which communities would benefit from touching you?
    -How does that community communicate with each other?
 * Examples:
    -Bad: A famous candy brand accidentally made it so anyone could put ANY 140 character text on their front page. This led to profanity on their primary website. 
    -Good: Add campaign for Old Spice… A series of wacky commercials took the internet by storm. Old Spice visited a web forum, soliciting QUESTIONS from an international audience. For a full day Old Spice responded to all question with a quick video they shot right in that time. This led to solid good will.

 * Your past and future clients / allies see you as a Personality.
 * People expect to talk to you. Encourage them. Show that you are listening.

 * Find and listen to communities constantly, reporting back on a calendar basis.
 * Research those internet communities that might touch your business.
 * Important: plans do not need to be large scale. Small plans, that leading to new implementation, will have a powerful effect on the internet.

Nathan Mishler is part of Studio Cypher, a company which partners with organizations to improve lives through games and other online interactions. 
        FEBRUARY 2014          


 * Internet usage is now a universal business necessity. As a result any entity without a comprehensive internet plan is flying blind and potentially losing value.

 * The Purposes for Internet usage have shifted / blurred / accelerated rapidly in the past several years

 * In the new reality of the ‘Net’, competition for discretionary time is a constant. This calls for a well-planned overlay to all other forms of endeavor and engagement.
 * Methods are evolving too rapidly for previous rules to hold:
    1. How often and in what ways are we and our clients using the ‘Net’?
    2. How have we factored this into our Presentation of how we wish to be perceived?
    3. Who is advising us on which aspects of web usage?  How often?  In what way? (Examples: Transactions /  Interaction / Image)
    4. How else might we make use of the ‘Net’ as a platform and tool on an ongoing basis?

A Web-based Plan should provide Direct Competition for “Traditional” “Live” Marketing interactions / functions with set  “On-Line” standards and methods with EXAMPLES including (at a minimum):
     -For and between Individuals and Entities
     -In Networks

As a result SOCIAL-INTERACTION MEDIA functions should be redefined simultaneously
 * As a primary-direct marketing tool
 * As marketing support to all other methods  

Internet Usage is competing with Print / Broadcast (Both Open / Cable) and winning
 * Connected to / in all print and packaging (all MUST have links embedded)

New methods are being developed / discovered daily

 1. Assess your Web Presence (more than just the look of your site) with “Two sets of eyes” at a minimum
 2. Draft a Web Strategy Plan with ‘Targets’ for self, team and overall organization
 3. Secure third-party assistance to comprehend and enhance you presence and use on a rolling basis
 4. Implement and measure key elements
 5. Re-assess / reset following a calendar sequence

NOTE: Do NOT take ‘Net’ planning and implementation for granted. THIS APPLIES TO BOTH ORGANIZATIONS AND INDIVIDUALS wishing to advance.

On our website is a more expansive version of this article, including an Opening Checklist  click HERE.
Focus on the Future
Guest Predictions:
Thaddius J. Carvis 
Guest Predictions is a regular feature in which we ask leaders in a number of professions a set of questions that affect us all. 
Thaddius J. Carvis (Ted), U.S. and International Patent & Trademark Attorney

The Law Offices of Thaddius J. Carvis was established in 2003 in Leesburg, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C., near the high technology corridor surrounding Dulles International Airport.

Ted has over 40 years of experience in intellectual property law and began his career in the United States Patent & Trademark Office after graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Chemical Engineering. 

Mr. Carvis was an examiner in chemical technologies in the U.S. Patent Office and served there as a law clerk to the Board of Appeals while attending law school in the evenings and graduating high in his class. He is a member of the Virginia and Connecticut Bars. 

While in Connecticut, he was president of the Connecticut Patent Law Association and worked with leading lawyers for over ten years putting together a popular and widely attended Joint Seminar produced by Connecticut and the New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia Intellectual Property Law Associations. He is currently vice president of the Northern Virginia Patent Lawyers Club.

Q:     What do you see as the key emerging uses of the internet for an Attorney?
A:    Wider use of video conferencing and document sharing. There remains a wide gap between a face-to-face meeting and one done by telephone. Bigger screens and better software will be available to facilitate joint viewing and mark up of documents as we do in face-to-face meetings. 
Q:   What surprising applications of the Internet have you found in your field as an Attorney?
A:    I am not usually surprised, but I have definitely been pleased to see long-time professionals adopt the technology so that they are not in a class that needs special care. I am also pleased that the government agencies I deal with provide in-depth access to files. 
Q:     What have been the "Best Uses" of the Internet for you?
A:    Quickly coming up with good answers to questions. We can easily find opinions and data to support them on most subjects. Removing the barrier that foreign languages imposed is invaluable.
Q:     What should be avoided when dealing with the Internet? 
A:    Giving in to the temptation to quickly give an opinion that wouldn’t have been possible in days when you had to write it out and review the typed version. Reflection remains an important part of good communication. 
Q:     Which next steps might you recommend for all of us to take? 
A:    First, check out what is available to help you with your needs. It is easy to write a real language question for a search engine. Almost every question has been asked and answered by several people. Then, when you read about new technology and think of how it may apply to your work, follow up on the detail.
Marc Chinoy
President's Letter
“The time has come the Walrus said…”
This month’s Agenda takes focus on the internet (yet again) as a critical factor in all of our lives.

Yes… we all have an understanding of what the potential for the internet might be.

And Yes…
There are many plans, approaches and core strategies in existence.

If the Budgeting Process, Strategic Planning, and Internet Push float separately from each other, we place our groups at risk… not necessarily because any one of these elements floating by itself will automatically fail, but because a lack of coordinated thinking makes it difficult to capture the broadest central value.

The AGENDA newsletter was formed as a means of bringing together common thinking and new approaches.  YOUR thoughts on these subjects are very much sought after by all of us who both write and read these words… and I personally look forward to hearing and (if I am fortunate) discussing your thoughts.

Best Wishes,
Marc Paul Chinoy

Winner of the Month:
Nathan Mishler, Studio Cypher  

Tone Deaf!”
Unable to hear or comprehend concepts, issue or opportunities outside a narrow range of beliefs 
Related Terms:
“Blind to the facts”, “Singing the same old song”, “Self-involved.” 
How it Sounds:
“George is incredibly ‘Tone Deaf’ when it comes to the value of the Gulf Coast properties.”
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