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Note: If ANY of these are apparent in your reality, please consider adjusting at the first possibility.

* Developments without written plans
* Planning or a plan without a calendar
* Assumptions as to intentions, steps, responsibilities and timing
* Working sessions without clear agendas circulated in advance
leading to unclear leadership Activities, Decisions, Decision Management

As basic as these concepts may appear, we have all bumped into the results of these errors...sometimes often. 

Of all the commonly encountered difficulties, the single most common, and often most troubling, is the assumption that critical elements from the development list are under control, when in actually they are neither captured in writing, nor assigned for development, nor calendar-driven for review.

The step of capturing ALL intentions in writing, connected to a calendar with names assigned to dates will not guarantee the elimination of errors, but will help carry your team down the line toward success.
        MARCH 2014          


Too often group outcomes are pursued without well considered plans.  Below is a sequence in support of successful group planning efforts.

Define (in writing) the nature of the result to be sought through the effort, identifying the type of plan to be developed, the length of time that the plan will cover and the nature of all group interaction leading to a plan.

Define the relationship of the planning team to the result of the planning effort, as well as between the plan to be developed and those group activities already underway. Select the planning team based on both expertise and relationships, leading to determining the planning leadership, as well as both the facilitation and planning management methods.

Name the leader and select a facilitator, if other than the planning leader (in the event that the leader wishes to be a ‘neutral’ planning participant).

Develop a list of issues and outcomes to be the subject of the planning effort. Distribute planning preparation tasks, including research and data-acquisition, documentation and communications of working sequences within the planning sessions.

Arrange facilities. Set agendas for the planning processes. Communicate the planning schedule.

Conduct sessions as scheduled, communicating the results as promised.

For more tools and sequences please visit our TRG Website.

Focus on the Future
Guest Predictions:
Dr. Corey Malnikof 
Guest Predictions is a regular feature in which we ask leaders in a number of professions a set of questions that affect us all. 
Dr. Corey Malnikof, Palmercare Chiropractic DC Metro Area

I moved to Davenport, Iowa to receive my education at Palmer College of Chiropractic. There was no other school that I would have attended as Palmer is the "Fountainhead of Chiropractic"... it is where chiropractic started. I made it my mission to excel at school and I did just that! I was honored that my peers voted me into the Vogt Leader Society; an honor available to only 0.002% of students that attend Palmer. I was also elected president of the largest national student political association. While at Palmer, I focused on my future patients and, as such, attended a multitude of seminars to master as many techniques as possible. I thoroughly enjoyed the clinical aspect of my education and was selected to teach diagnosis courses, orthopedic courses, take care of patients in the physical therapy department, and help teach other students how to care for their patients. My education was one of the best experiences of my life and now it is my privilege to share it with my practice members.

Our Philosophy, is simple: we don't just want you to get healthy, we want you to learn how to stay healthy. We believe that the largest advancement in healthcare is the informed consumer. More and more people are learning more and more about healthcare.

Q:     What do you see as the key emerging uses of the internet in the field of Healthcare?
A:    Videos have become very prevalent.  Videos are a great way to explain the benefits of Chiropractic, show examples, and share testimonials for prospective clients to see. 
Q:   What surprising applications of the Internet have you found in the field of Healthcare?
A:    The easy access to reviews that patients can have.  We have several ways for patients to leave us reviews through emails sent to them, and through sites like google plus.  Reviews have become very important as more and more consumers (I learned this from my wife doing it all the time) are checking reviews before calling. 
Q:     What have been the "Best Uses" of the Internet for you?
A:    Social media has been a surprising benefit.  It is a great way to stay connected with our practice members, and build great relationships.  We have over a 1000 people liking our page and we love to see the responses we get to some of our posts.  It has also been a great way to get a message to our patients fast.
Q:     What should be avoided when dealing with the Internet? 
A:    I see way too much promotion through social media.  Companies out there trying to get new clients and push products through social media.  I do not personally believe that this is a good way to attract people and it definitely does not help create relationships. 
Q:     Which next steps might you recommend for all of us to take? 
A:    Honestly, stay off the computer.  We are starting to see more and more research showing that continual browsing of the internet is leading to anxiety, loss of IQ, and decreased productivity.  Make sure if you are online it is for a purpose.
Marc Chinoy
President's Letter
The March newsletter focuses on a critical concern for all leaders in time-pressured groups today.
Team activity without well-considered plans is a frequent short-cut we observe.

While elements of answers can usually be found in organizations, the completeness of working solutions is the target. By example: a written agenda exists for a leadership team, but not one that is current, complete or followed.

“Almost ready” can be a dangerous trapdoor where planning is concerned.

Leaders should take care to not leave the management of internal planning to a set of working assumptions or to chance.

The positive side of this message is the range of tools and sequences TRG has compiled over time, which can be found on the TRG website with neither cost nor obligation.  We encourage you to see if any might work well for you.

Plan well...
And let us know the most notable experiences in your planning efforts.

Best Wishes,
Marc Paul Chinoy

Winner of the Month:
Robert Pizzimenti, TRG Associate  

“Mind the Gap!”
The dangerous chasm that can exist between understanding what we ‘Need to do” and knowing how to do it. 
Related Terms:
“Keeping Real”, “Look Before You Leap”, “Sabotaging Yourself” 
How it Sounds:
"We had all warned George to "Mind the Gap" between the CEO's statements about expansion and the realities of funding within the year."

A term originally used in the London Underground
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