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Three consultants / engineers / graphic designers - all with a concentration on how people interact with other people and can make technology (i.e. internet) part of their lives.


Help client groups understand and adjust their use of software, both on and off the internet

  • Starting with an assessment:
    • We begin by intimately understanding what client’s current and future goals are, both for software / internet and in general. What do they need?
    • How are they currently using the internet or software in general? How is it working?
    • How to leverage the internet to create new revenue streams
    • Potential new products and revenue streams in partnership with SC (examples: partnering with an AZ company to sell a new type of vision testing, energy use iphone application)
  • Follow up consultation, including:
    • Plans for utilizing the Studio Cypher Lenses (ways of encouraging users to take specific actions) to improve website
    • Front end web design
    • Back end functionality implementation (we like how our website looks, but it needs to do X, Y, Z)
    • Software customization to create new products and services (small to very large projects - with different platforms web, kiosk, mobile, etc.)

Utilize Games to help public minded groups educate their clients and find new ways of finding revenue

  • San Go Seasons
    • An online world creation game (like a crossword, or boggle) that is inherently beneficial to its users
    • Free to play modes, but also a pay mode for revenue generation
    • We are about to roll SGS out with some initial partners but we seek more
    • Game customized to look and feel like partner
    • Currently no upfront cost for partner
    • SC handles all implementation, money handling, reports revenue and shares profit with partner
  • Quiz Games
    • A kiosk based quiz game that select partners have used in physical locations (Feed the Children, Volkswagan traveling exhibit) to educate and inform users
    • Easily customized for new clients
    • Can also be on the web
  • Customized games for partners who want to give people "hands on" learning - such as for a zoo or a museum

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